Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pig & Loompy

This is a comic I entered into the Guardian/Jonathan Cape/ Comica short graphic story prize. I would like to self-publish it at some point in the new year but I am not sure in what format I should do so.  I designed it so that the four pages look right together (seen at the bottom of this post) but really it would probably make more sense if I made it into a book. 

The people who have read this have all had really nice and different perceptions of the story and characters (especially the mystery woman character). Part of me thinks that it is good that the story is enigmatic and open to interpretation. However I wonder if because of the way I have made the layout, some bits which in my head are really important pivotal points in the story are squashed and are not given enough space. Hmm.

Anyway it'd be great to hear what you think about any of it- the story, layout, visual style, audience etc. 

 And here's the whole whopper.

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