Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Pile of Elephants

Here are some drawings I have drewed lately. 



You can probably see, I am into this elephant at the moment.

And here's a band, (a whole different story).

I am running Puzzle Island, a kids creative game for Out2play CSV, at Windmill Hill City Farm playground in Bristol, this summer. Here is one of the explorers' drawings!


Monday, 21 July 2014


There are some little people on the front of the FREE family guide which I made for Arnolfini's The Promise exhibition in Bristol.
These characters want your help to travel their tiny selves around Bristol and have their photos taken in Bristolian places of interest, (there is also a space for your own character design. I did a hungry green lion which I intend to photograph outside Mark's Bread on North Street. Umm)

The Promise is an exhibition which seeks to provoke a dialogue about Bristol as a city full of interesting histories and futures, people and spaces, and explores the way these interact together. For instance it explores Brutalist architecture of the 1960s, (high rises).
One way children can engage in the exhibition is to do the cut-out characters activity and take photos of their characters around Bristol. These pics can then be posted with comments on twitter/ facebook @arnolfiniarts.

    I took skateboard girl to the recently built South Street park in Bedminster. She was very pleased it exists!
   There are also lots of offsite parts of the exhibition around Bristol that you might want to visit with your        characters.

The rest of the guide has activities encouraging children to imagine Bristol in the past and future and invites them to invent new city spaces for people to live in.

A boat-minded child already got their hands on this one!

Pick up a family guide from the family space at Arnolfini. Join in the drawing, inventing and cutting! The possibilities are (hopefully) endless!

Arnolfini is putting on lots of family events related to The Promise. Read about them here.

Rollup rollup to Arnolfini's new interaction space (designs by me)!

There is a very jolly interaction space for Arnolfini 's current exhibition, "The Promise".
I am proud to say I helped the Learning and Participation team come up with the concept for this space and drew "The Promise Hotel". 

Lots of children and adults have already been joining in the dialogue, adding characters to "The Promise Hotel" and building a new city using the chalkable building blocks!

Good fun.

These below are some family exhibition guides which I designed and illustrated. I will make another blogpost about the guide soon...

And here is the amazing building blocks activity: the kids love it!